Short Film - Out of Control

Following on from the success of a previous collaboration, Benjamin Britworth and Liza Bec decided to create the short film "Out of Control" using music from Liza's EP namesake to back a story created, filmed & directed by Benjamin. The film explores dark themes of Dionysian excess in a modern world, with the characters acting outrageously and dangerously. The filming is intentionally chaotic and unsettling, drawing the viewer into the narrative, only to spit them back out again at the end.


Marketing Materials:

[Huddle of party goers in the woods]

[Liza Bec upside down profile]
Set Photos by David Ryder Prangley:

[Liza Bec looking down]

[Liza Bec on woodland floor with knife]

[Liza Bec stabbing the camera]

[Will Purdue falling back]

[Woodland dancers]

[Liza Bec being filmed among the woodland dancers]

'Out of Control' song written and arranged by Liza Bec featuring - David Ryder Prangley Kamil J Krol Adie Hardy
 ISRC UKC9F1690001

 Short Film concept and direction by Benjamin Britworth
 Assistant Director Laura Ivins
 Crew Evangelia Vlachodimitropoulou

The Girl - Liza Bec
The Boyfriend - Will Purdue
Luka Ravase
Rhiannon Carr
Karen Whyte
 Will Bourne
 Roseanna Eisdell
 Verlaine Betrand

 Audio recorded and mixed by Adie Hardy @ Unit 2 Studios Audio Mastered by Pete Maher
 Lighting provided by Paul Winkler
 Location provided by Lyn Collier

 A BMV Records Production © 2016