Ben has experience in Direction, Editorial, Motion Graphic Design, Camera Operation & Colour Grading. He is an award-winning Video Editor.

For access to his current showreel, please contact him via the email address found on the contact page or use the portfolio link provided in his CV. Select examples of his work can be found below.


Ben won Best Editing for his work on This is ME, released in 2019.

The film tells the story of Ally, who struggles to get across town in time for a job interview that she can't afford to miss. With the burden of an invisible disability and the expectations of her father weighing heavy, relief it seems, is nowhere to be seen.


Write Me A Song, directed by Ben, focuses on the namesake's lyrics, casting aerial artist Efren Prieto as the character of David and Saskia GM as the character of Jenny.
The video was premiered on Folk Radio UK, and was an official selection for Beer Town Festival 2018.


Jealousy, directed by Ben, was created for the band Bordello Rose, for their namesake song. The video plays off the idea that all the characters are hounded by a visual representation of jealousy, each becoming overcome by the emotion over the course of the video.

Examples of Ben's Motion Graphic work can be found below: